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Image by Lily Banse


Dinner Party

For a more upmarket, but casual sit down dining experience, why not try our dinner party menus

Amuse bouche

Before we launch you into the main food courses, try our selection of amuse bouche, which are a little different from the Clos Maggiore.

We'll surprise you...

Wagyu Biltong image

Wagyu Biltong

The perfect accompaniment to pre-dinner cocktails, our wagyu biltong is home-made from the finest beef, flavoured, hung and dried to perfection.

Gluten free
Dairy free
Lactose free
Gravalax blinis image

Gravalax blinis

Topped with our own creamed horseradish and capers, this alternative to the smoked salmon blini is made from our own gravalax


The Beginning

Our entrees can be adjusted to your taste, but always get proceedings off to a good start, whatever you choose

Grilled Mozambique Prawns in ginger, chilli, lime and garlic image

Grilled Mozambique Prawns in ginger, chilli, lime and garlic

Our take on this traditional Thai dish concentrates on flavour, with just enough spice to satisfy most !

Buffalo Tricolour image

Buffalo Tricolour

Our tricolour uses only the finest Mozarella, ripest avocados and freshest Neapolitan tomatoes.

Octopus Salad image

Octopus Salad

One of the most delicious salads, made with prime fresh octopus, with hints of garlic and mango

Steak Tartare image

Steak Tartare

Made from prime Argentinian sirloin, and topped with the freshest deep orange egg yolk.


The Middle

Your premium course is always the most important and we strive to deliver some big name dishes using the best meat and fish, freshest herbs and spices and best homemade sauces.

Prime Argentinian Steak image

Prime Argentinian Steak

Choose from Sirloin, Ribeye or Tomahawk , cooked the traditional Hof way, with searing heat, bold seasoning, rosemary and Cafe de Paris to finish.

Tarragon Chicken Supreme image

Tarragon Chicken Supreme

Our Chicken Supremes are the plumpest chicken breasts around, from free range and naturally fed chickens. Combined with our special rosemary potato squares and creamy tarragon and mustard sauce, this is wholesome and very flavourful

Seabass on a bed of  prawn lobster bisque risotto image

Seabass on a bed of prawn lobster bisque risotto

Prime seabass fillet goes beautifully on a bed of luxurious prawn risotto which we cook with lobster bisque

Grilled Sea Bream with red pepper mousse image

Grilled Sea Bream with red pepper mousse

A lighter more Mediterranean fish dish with our signature red pepper mouse.


The Beginning of the End

Having eaten a long slow lunch, our lighter desserts will be manageable for most and for those with bigger appetites, the heavier desserts will delight.

The Ultimate Chocolate Mousse image

The Ultimate Chocolate Mousse

derived from our many visits to Portugal, and one particular restaurant, this is chocolate mousse, but not as you know it !

Lemon Posset image

Lemon Posset

This light but sharp creamy lemon dessert is refreshing and satisfyingly pudding like at the same time !

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